5 Reasons Not to Use Round Robin Reading with ELLs

By: Michael F. Opitz and Lindsey Moses Guccione (2009)


In this excerpt from Comprehension and English Language Learners: 25 Oral Reading Strategies That Cross Proficiency Levels (Heinemann, 2009), Michael Opitz and Lindsey Moses Guccione discuss some of the reasons why round robin reading can prove ineffective as a strategy for improving English language learners’ reading comprehension.

For more information about recommended strategies, see Oral Language Development and ELLs: 5 Challenges and Solutions, written for Colorín Colorado by Dr. Moses Guccione.

Why Not Use Round Robin Reading (aka “Popcorn Reading”)?

When I think of answering this question, I am reminded of a student’s emphatic response, “It’s s-o-o-o boring!” because it certainly is for more students than not. But beyond this initial response, there are other good reasons for ridding ourselves of this outmoded practice, sometimes disguised as “popcorn reading,” which calls on students to pop up and read a non-rehearsed passage when signaled to do so.

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