Biographies by the Yard

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Transitional
Students use all four domains:  Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Cross curricular- ELA and Math


  • students will listen to oral directions
  • listen to classmates share their biographies


  • students will orally share their biography with the class


  • Students will use the remainder of the yard to write about each section of the biography (higher level ELL will write on the back of the yard behind each section or on additional paper)


  • Students read directions
  • Students read their written biographies orally to class

Teacher displays yards around classroomBiographiesByTheYard


One response to “Biographies by the Yard

  1. I learned about Biography by the Yard from Multilingual’s Literacy for Long Term ELLs training last year and I love them! I’ve used it in a sheltered ESL class and general education reading classes. It addresses all of the domains and really engages students.

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