How To Engage With Active Learners In The Classroom

Thursday, August 9, 2012 11:40 am, Posted by 1 | How To

Students are currently enjoying the last gasps of summertime in most countries right now. They’re outside, engaging in social activities, and constantly on the move. So what would happen if these students were thrown into a slow-moving and old-fashioned classroom? The students would get distracted, disconnected, and feel lost.

Luckily, most classrooms are aggressively pursuing a relatively new type of approach to keep students engaged. Like John Palfrey and others wrote, these students are ‘digital natives’ and now Blackboard has coined the term ‘active learners.’ No matter what you call them, these students are ready to learn, have their creative juices flowing, and will be primed for innovative education as soon as the first bell rings.

To get you a bit more excited about engaging active learners, Blackboard and JESS3 created a new video that I thought would be helpful to share. It details a few key points on why you should try to engage active learners right now.

Read more…  Article provided by Mary Ann Herrera


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