Bilingual Education Law: Illinois Governor Signs Legislation To Strengthen Language Programs (VIDEO)

By Posted: 08/16/2012


Students learn both English and Spanish in bilingual education programs.

Earlier this month, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois signed new legislation designed to strengthen the state’s bilingual education programs into law.

HB-3819 requires the state’s Advisory Council to evaluate the success of bilingual programs and explore the benefits and possibilities of “parent academies,” an initiative to increase the participation of parents whose first language is not English in the lives of their students.

“Understanding that language is really the window to understanding another culture,” said Governor Pat Quinn after signing the legislation at Chicago’s Inter-American Magnet School. ”We do not want to be tongue-tied americans, we want to make sure we understand language as much as we can, not only the English language, but the Spanish language.”

Read more… Article provided by Mary Ann Herrera.


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