Baby steps to a brighter future

HISD hosts graduation ceremony for Stepping Stones participants

Multilingual Programs Department Migrant Program Stepping Stones featured on HISD’s Community eNews!

Seventeen families and their toddlers crossed the stage toward a brighter future on May 23, when they accepted certificates of completion for participating in HISD’s Stepping Stones Migrant Program.

Stepping Stones is a home-based program that empowers parents to prepare their children for school at home. It consists of 100 lessons that are aligned to the Revised Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines; they are available in both English and Spanish.

The program was developed in partnership with the Texas Education Agency to meet the unique needs of three- and four-year-olds and is available for free of charge to all migrant programs throughout the state.

About Stepping Stones

In 1984–1985, the Migrant Education Program (MEP) at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) first implemented an early childhood program called Building Bridges. Over the years, the program was revised and refined. Beginning in the spring of 2010, staff from TEA and the TXCC worked to develop a new Pre-K program for migrant children and their families. Staff from both organizations worked with a steering committee and a group of practitioners to develop the home-based component of Stepping Stones. The lesson developers were teachers, migrant coordinators, and ESC staff with experience in early childhood education, migrant education, and curriculum development and their families. The home instructor conducts each lesson in the child’s home on a weekly basis and complements each lesson with supplemental activities depending on the theme. This program is for three and four year old migrant students not served in the district’s early childhood programs.

About HISD’s Multilingual Programs

The Multilingual Programs Department, through its four major divisions (Title III, Bilingual/English as a Second Language, Migrant Education, and Refugee), is committed to serve all HISD schools by providing expertise, guidance, support and training necessary to educate English Language Learners as well as migrant, refugee, and immigrant students. The Multilingual Programs Department supports district initiatives by guiding campus administrators and training teachers so that there is a highly effective teacher in all Bilingual/ESL classrooms.


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