Presenting Something That Works

One of Multilingual Programs’ ongoing efforts is  to increase the preparation of our leaders and teachers in the classroom to better serve HISD’s ELL population. In order for teachers to apply best practices and offer effective strategies and increase ELL achievement, we strive to offer trainings in which teachers can take away “strategies I can put to work in my classroom this week,” as one of our attendees explains. 

 John Seidlitz’s “Navigating the ELPS” training is offered several times throughout the year (call our office for more information or visit our site for dates here); we find that teachers take away valuable lessons and resources as well as engage with their peers in ways that are out-of-the-box and lead to, “aha! moments.”


“Last summer was the cake. This was the cake, the icing, the glittering candles and the whole party! John Seidlitz is the best!”

IMG_1941 IMG_1943

 “Very impressive. Exactly what I needed in order to do my job better.”


“It’s doable, reach and teach, be relentless, be reponsible and caring.”

IMG_1953 IMG_1961

 “This training will greatly impact sutdents’ achievement if it’s implemented and everyone will have fun!”

“This might be the best training concerning ELLs I have ever been able to attend.”

“We need more of this in HISD.”


“This training was fantastic-thank you for allowing teachers to join.”


“Seidlitz is awesome!”IMG_1971

“In order to grow and develop as an effective educator, one must always engage the ideas of staying fed with vital information.”

IMG_1972 IMG_1974

“The most comprehensive collection of high impct strategies for advancing ELLs.”

IMG_1975 IMG_1976

About John Seidlitz:

John Seidlitz is an independent educational consultant and the author of Sheltered Instruction Plus: A Guide for Texas Teachers of English Learners; Navigating the ELPS: Using the New Standards to Improve Instruction for English Learners ; and a contributing author for The SIOP® Model for Teaching History-Social Studies for English Learners.

About “Navigating the ELPS”:

The English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) clearly defines the content-area knowledge and academic language instruction that districts must provide for English Language Learners. This training session addresses the requirements within the four sections of the ELPS, for teachers, administrators, and specialists.

In addition, it offers a user-friendly process for meeting those requirements using a variety of hands-on, interactive strategies and activities. Participants receive a copy of the book, Navigating the ELPS, to use throughout the training and to take back to their districts.

To learn more, visit


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