Multilingual Programs at 2013 Summer Leadership Institute

The 2013 HISD Summer Leadership Institute was held June 18-20, 2013, at Reliant Center. This year’s institute theme was “Becoming Great All Over…Connecting Rigorous and Consistent Instruction and School Safety.” Campus leadership teams and Central Office leaders had the opportunity to engage with national-thought leaders and internal experts to focus on rigorous instructional practices and consistency to increase student achievement. These were some of the learning strands presented:

-Identifying Principles of Rigor in Teaching and Learning

-Consistency: Leadership for Continuous Improvement and learning

-Analyzing Data to Increase Student Achievement

-Rigorous and Consistent Systems

-Rigorous Instruction for Special Populations

-Safety and Psychological Well-Being

Our Multilingual Programs leaders presented sessions that explored strategies and best practices for  English Language Learner programs. Sessions ranged from an Overview of Esperanza and Lenguaje y Lectura led by Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan, The 5 W’s of ELL Programming, to Migrant Students: Do You Know What You Don’t Know? to name a couple.

Multilingual Programs Assitant Superintendent, Dr. Gracie Guerrero, presented, The 5 W’s of ELL Programming-an overview of both the required programming and effective processes that can result in a high level of ELL academic and linguistic achievement.

IMG_2484Participants were guided through the foundational systems that must be in place for successful ELL progress monitoring. They also had the opportunity to share best practices and work on campus process maps that will will help them establish systems to actively monitor their ELLs throughout the year and set expectations for annual growth.


Lights! Camera! Action! Showcasing ELPS Strategies for Increasing English Literacy for English Language Learners was presented by Evelyn Castro, Multilingual Programs Elementary Bilingual/ESL Manager alongside a panel of principals from Seguin, Gallegos, DeZavala, and Sanchez Elementary schools. Margarita Gardea of Gallegos ES, Yolanda Rodriguez of DeZavala ES, and Mayra Ramon of Sanchez ES encompassed the principal panel from schools showing progress from year to year on TELPAS. They shared their strategies and activites that demonstrated effective implementation of the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), cross-curricular second language acquisiton student expectations in the following 5 areas: Learning stratgegies, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

 Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan, author of the Esperanza program and founder of the Valley Speech Language and Learning Center presented an overview of the program. She presented strategies to facilitate the implementation and systems to assist with monitoring progress. The Esperanza program is a Spanish multisensory-structured language approach for reading, writing, and spelling.

The Everyday excELLence Literacy Routines session fortified school leaders’ understanding of the language and literacy development needs of English Language Learners. Attendees walked away with a broader understanding of the eight research-based everyday excELLence routines based on the Sheltered Instruction work of John Siedlitz and their effective implementation.

The Multilingual Team looks forward to next year’s insitute and has already begun the preparations. We want to thank all who attended the institute as well as our sessions. Please visit our website for more information  or have any questions about Multilingual Programs and services.


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