HISD Migrant Students Experience Washington Close Up

Six of our top Migrant students travelled to our nation’s Capitol and left their mark. What they hadn’t expected was the impact that a week in DC would have in them! Their trip was so awesome that they made HISD’s front page! See the story HERE.

The students were also invited to HISD’s Aprendamos Juntos show with Denisse Cantu. Watch the video below to hear about two of the trip’s attendees’ experience! If you have trouble viewing the video below, please follow this link. (Interview starts at minute 21:38)

Aprendamos Juntos, Junio, 2013 from Houston ISD on Vimeo.

This trip would not have been possible without the exceptional work from the Migrant Programs team. Multilingual Programs is so proud to have champions that are dedicated beyond measure to our students.

Magda Galindo, Migrant Programs Manager, took the trip to DC with her students. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Why did you think taking the students on this trip was important?

Our students read and learn about Washington, D.C. in class, but it’s quite an experience to visit the architecturally stunning memorials, government buildings, and the Arlington National Cemetery to view the rows of grave markers remembering the brave people that have died fighting for our great nation.

What did you think about the Close Up program?

I think Close Up is a great opportunity to motivate students and prepare them for taking leadership roles in society. I look forward to making it an annual trip for our students.

What do you think they took away from this experience?

I think the students gained a clearer understanding about how our national government works and the kids were able to touch American history through the many attractions they visited. It was quite amazing.

I believe this trip heightened their knowledge of the importance of continuing higher education.

How do you think they the students were impacted at meeting our nation’s politicians?

Capitol Hill day was quite an exhilarating day for the kids. They visited with the staff members of Senator Ted Cruz, Senator John Cornyn,  and Congressman Ted Poe. Staff members spoke to the students about the basics of how congressional office and senate offices work, and took questions from the students. In addition to the staff members who addressed the group, the students had an opportunity to meet with Congressman Gene Green. The students talked about his role as Congressman and took questions from the students. Students appreciated the time with Congressman Green and legislative assistants took to meet with them, and said they were empowered by the experience.

Close Up 6.19.13

Do you think the trip inspired them to pursue a career in political science?

Absolutely. I believe this trip was a life altering experience to help our students make the transition from agricultural life to the life of a professional.

To learn more about this program, please contact Migrant Programs at 713.556.7288.

About Close Up:

Formed in 1971, Close Up is a non-profit that exists to educate and inspire young people to participate in our democracy. They fulfill our mission with exciting, hands-on programs for students and teachers in Washington, D.C. Using the city as a living classroom, students are given access to the people, processes and places that make our nation’s capital so unique. Over 740,000 students and teachers have participated in our experiential programs. Countless more have appeared on our TV show and used our textbook Current Issues to debate hot topics in classrooms nationwide.


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