Citizenship Month 2013

A November 7th reception and celebration kicked off Citizenship Month with Mayor Anisse Parker and performances rich with culture, music, and diversity at the Houston Public Library’s Ideson Library .

“The Fifh Annual Citizenship Month is a series of events and programs sponsored by numberous community and faith-based organizatons, businesses, educational institutions and grassroots groups celebrating the common theme of what it means to be a citizen of the City of Houston. This celebration provides an opportunity to reflect on the value of citizenship, and to focus on the priveleges, rights, responsibilities and obligations of all citizens.

Houston Citizenship Month events coincide with International Education Week and underscore how Houston’s diverse ethnic and immigrant communities are integrated into the life of the city, and demonstrate how the richness of their traditions and values promotes social cohesion and builds secure and vibrant neighborhoods. It’s a month to focus on the privileges, rights, responsibilities and obligations of all citizens from the native-born to those who have adopted Houston such as  immigrants, refugees, foreign students and international residents.”

An important component of the celebration is its Literary Competition started by former First Lady of Houston, Author Andrea White and continued by current First Lady Kathy Hubbard.

We are proud to announce that our students did outstanding in the competion. Pictured above.

1st place- Puja Acharya (Fondren MS)
Honorable Mention- Carlos Sierra (Fondren MS)

Yusur  Darraji (Las Americas Newcomer School)

A special congratulations to their teachers- Jasmine Thomas & Parisa Behzadi and administrator- Raquel Sosa-Gonzalez (not pictured).

For a complete calendar of the activities going on this month in celebration of Citizenship Month, click HERE.


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