Words of our World (WOW)

The Esperanza training continues to engage Houston ISD bilingual teachers as well as engage them in conversation on the implementation of strategies to improve their students’ Spanish oral language, phonological awareness and writing skills. The training, given by Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan-Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist and a Certified Academic Language Therapist, includes role playing, partner-work and teachers receive materials as well.

The Words of our World (WOW) training is a vocabulary program which addresses the use of cognates and common roots in Spanish and English to further develop word knowledge. Students in bilingual and/or dual language programs can benefit from this program. Students who are interested in learning Spanish can use their knowledge of English to develop Spanish vocabulary.

In addition, students who are native Spanish speakers can use their native language to further develop their English vocabulary skills. Lessons include graphic organizers, visual aids and a “hands-on” approach for working with and discovering new words. (Valley Speech Language & Learning Center)

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Stay up-to-date on upcoming trainings on our website!



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