What’s happens after High School?

What happens after high school? Well, it depends. There is a plethora of options but the most popular are a 4-year college/university, a 2-year technical career, or employment. According to the Bureau of Labor  Statistics, in 2010 more than half of occupations require education of a Bachelor’s degree or higher and that percentage is increasing rapidly. And although the 37% of occupations hiring people with just a high school diploma may seem high, you can see the major gap in earnings below.

Center_College_Affordability_College_Graduate_Employment_Breakdown 4

These 2012 earning averages demonstrate that people with a Bachelor’s degree earn almost 50% more than their high school diploma counterparts.

Labor Statistics 3

The competition doesn’t stop there. The gap between those attaining advanced degrees and those that just hold a Bachelor’s degree is quickly widening as you can see in the following graph. Bachelor’s degree holders are running back to school in record numbers and online Master’s programs are becoming increasingly popular.

Labor Statistics 1Labor Statistics 2

Enough about charts. The main idea here is to demonstrate that having a degree is no longer just an option to be able to thrive in today’s economy; it is a necessity. That is why for the month of February, we will be focusing on researching resources for students interested in getting more information about going to college, paying for it, people to talk to, and events to attend.

By now, students should have applied to their desired colleges or universities-so what’s next? The next steps taken by students and their families are crucial to determine what life during and post-college will be like for them. It is imperative to stay informed, organized and on track in order to be successful. The biggest concern facing college-freshmen and their families today is, “How are we going to pay for this?” Ideally, scholarships, grants, and financial aid are part of every student’s plan. If they aren’t yet, then your children or your students need to be at these events!

National College Fairs Logo

Houston National College Fair

The National College Fair is an annual fair for students and parents that provides tools that help their transition from high school to college. Attendees meet with national college admission representatives, receive resources to support the college preparation and search process, as well as help applying for, paying for, and succeeding in college. Over 250 counselors and representatives from colleges and universities meet with students and their families to discuss admission and financial aid opportunities and informational workshops are held. Admission is free.

Register for the National College Fair

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reliant Center

8400 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77054

Houston Hispanic Forum Logo

Houston Hispanic Forum’s Career and Education Day
The Career and Education Day is an annual event that benefits students from the Houston area. Through resources, it provides guidance to Houston’s youth and their families who are preparing for college through student and parent workshops, and opportunities to learn about careers, financial aid and college admissions. Universities and colleges will have representatives attending this event. Admission is free and all students from grades 6 through 12 and their parents are encouraged to attend.

28th Annual Career & Education Day

Saturday, February 8, 2014
8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida De Las Americas
Houston, TX 77010

In the 2012-2013 school year, students at the Houston Independent School District earned a whopping $180 million in scholarship offers. Money to pay for college is out there, you just have to look!

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