Award for Academic Excellence in Spanish-School of the Year 2013 Goes to…


Wharton K-8 won 1st place for the School of the Year 2013, awarded by the Embassy of Spain in Washington DC!  First place winners will receive $5,000!

The competition is organized by the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in the United States and is sponsored by the Santander Shareholders in the US in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute, Santillan Group, Anaya Group, and the Comillas Foundation. The award is given to schools in the US that show excellence in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology.

The competing schools had to following objectives and requirements to qualify for the award:


  • To contribute to the positive image of Spain Internationally
  • To reinforce Spanish as a target language within the United States
  • To acknowledge schools in which students achieve high competence in Spanish language through the use of CLIL methodology
  • To enhance communication between the Education Office and the communities of participating schools (students, parents and educators) to better serve the needs of the students and teachers


  • Implement language programs following the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology in Spanish and English (two-way, dual, immersion, etc)
  • Use Spanish in the program at least:
  1. 50% of instruction time in Elementary schools
  2. 35% of instruction time in Middle schools
  3. 25% of instruction time in High schools

Wharton K-8 competed with other International Spanish Academy schools from across the country for this honor and will receive their award at the Embassy of Spain in Washington D.C. on June 2nd 2014.


A special congratulations to Principal Jennifer Day, her faculty and staff!


 Read more about it in Houston ISD’s blog here.

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