Houston ISD’s Dual Language Program: Navigating the Enrollment Process

Are you a parent that is interested in your child:

  • being bilingual?
  • being biliterate?
  • becoming culturally aware?
  • having an advantage to compete in a global market by speaking multiple languages?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then your child would be a perfect candidate to attend one of Houston ISD’s Dual Language programs. This is just a short list of benefits gained from learning a second language. We have other blog posts that speak in length about the multitude of benefits of being bilingual here, here and here. If you have not yet found a school for your entering Pre-Kindergartner or Kindergartner and you are interested in the program, then you are in luck. At the end of this post, you will find a list of schools who are still recruiting students for their program. But before we get to that, here is what the process will be like when enrolling your child in the Dual Language program:   DL Enrollment ProcessBelow is a list of all of the dual language schools. Schools that are still actively recruiting students for their Dual Language program are written in orange.  If the school you are interested in is not in orange or you have more specific questions, please contact the school directly.

Billy Reagan K-8 713-556-9575 Anderson ES 713-726-3600
Briscoe ES 713-924-1740 Ashford ES 281-368-2120
Daily ES 281-368-2111 Burnet ES 713-924-1780
DeAnda ES 713-556-9550 Coop ES 713-696-2630
Emerson ES 713-917-3630 Dogan ES 713-671-4110
Helms ES 713-867-5130 Garden Villas ES 713-845-7484
Herod ES 713-778-3315 Gregg ES 713-845-7432
Herrera ES 713-696-2800 R.P. Harris 713-450-7100
Kashmere Gardens 713-671-4160 McNamara ES 713-778-3460
Law ES 713-732-3630 Memorial ES 713-867-5150
Northline ES 713-696-2890 Osborne ES 281-405-2525
Sherman ES 713-226-2634 Shearn ES 713-295-5236
Whidby ES 713-746-8170
White ES 713-778-3490

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