The Gift of Giving

It is a fact that kids who are hungry do not perform well in school. Unfortunately, many students in HISD go home to an empty table for dinner. Thankfully, Houston Food Bank is partnering with local schools to send children home with food for the weekends.

There are around 35 HISD schools that participate in this program, Communities in Schools. Students who participate are given a bag that contains about five pounds of food, which is equivalent to six meals for the weekend. The bag has many non-perishable items like canned vegetables and fruit, as well as cereal and rice. Lee High School student Maria Ramirez is one of hundreds of participants to take part in this program. “I am so lucky. Community in Schools has helped my family to have food over the weekend.” She also states, “I have been eating healthier thanks to the Houston Food Bank.”

The Houston Food Bank does not charge for the food, and any school can participate. Communities in Schools Project Manager Jessica Smith, as well as her colleagues just want to help those students and families in need. “We are able to help them with very basic items. It is very fulfilling.” Now, students like Ramirez have one less thing to worry about, so their focus can be on school.

Smith encourages many students to take advantage of this help. Her goal is to remove the stigma kids may feel when collecting these bags of food. Seeing firsthand how donations can make such a difference in the lives of the youth is an experience that Smith cherishes. “I love coming to work every day. I have the most amazing kids here, and they are my inspiration.”

The act of giving clearly goes a long way, not only for our students but for our Houston community.

For more information regarding The Houston Foodbank and Communities in Schools, please click on the website below:

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