Pinterest and Dual Language


We know that Pinterest is addicting, yes admit it, you could get lost in it for hours! It’s a virtual black hole of beautiful photography, creative ideas, unique DIY’s, and I could go on but I won’t. People pin recipes, wedding dresses, parenting advise, humor pieces, the exercises routines they will start doing (starting next Monday!), pictures of what they want their house to look like, or pictures of the clothes they want to wear, as well as pin pictures of the closet they’re going to hang these super-hip clothes in. You can find anything and everything on Pinterest. Let’s not forget those epic fails!!

pinterest-fail-0051 pin fail 3 Pinterest-Fails-68 hilarious-pinterest-fails-19


Let’s not focus on those—no cakes or kids in pumpkins in our future!

Just like all other social media platforms, users have profiles for personal use but many have discovered other uses for these forums, for example: businesses, event promotion, retail, mommy blogs/groups, etc. but as a teacher or educator, have you ever thought about how you could use Pinterest in your Bilingual or Dual Language classroom?

In our Pinterest research (which may have included a few hours-days of pinning and board-making), we found that teachers have found a way to share, connect, and learn from each other through this medium.

Pinterest page

This is us-are you following yet? No? Click the picture and if you have profile, just sign in and find us! You’ll be glad you did! If you don’t have a profile, create one-it’s simple.

These are some of the boards we follow; we are currently following about 100 pinners.


Ideally, pinning all day long will lead to just that…pinning all day long. If you are a newbie, your initial goal when using Pinterest for your classroom is finding teachers/educators who are following your same method of instruction. These pinners will already have boards created with content of your interest-follow them! After that, your imagination and concise word-search are your only limits. You can create boards about word walls, writing techniques in a Dual Language classroom, bilingual labels and homework ideas, year-end projects’, online resources for parents…again, I could go on and on but I won’t. You can search a very specific topic like: dual language classroom walls then find yourself with these four new boards from four different pinners!

ww pin

It doesn’t stop there; you can create your own content to share-this is when the ball starts to roll. Other teachers, like you, are always on the lookout for resources to share with their team, in their classrooms, and to parents. But back to our original question, how can you use Pinterest in your Bilingual or Dual Language classroom?

Meet with your team, start a Pinterest profile and invite all to join in on the pinning-fun! Pull your lessons together and find uniques ideas on Pinterest to present these lessons in your classroom. You might already be the most creative person ever-but new ways of introducing content never hurt anyone and you know who benefits the most? Them:

(Photo credit: HISD)



photo 19 photo 18 photo 13 photo 12


We only have 21 boards now but our profile is a work-in-progress. The goal is to have all Houston ISD Bilingual and Dual Language teachers collaborating through these boards. If you are an HISD Bilingual or DL teacher send us a message through the message feature on Pinterest and tell us which board interests you most or if you want to be added to all of them. You can also email us at

Happy Pinning!

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