PAIR’s Leaders are busy planning their futures!

The below content is from PAIR’s newsletter.

PAIR’s Leaders are busy planning their futures!

PAIR’s Global Leaders programming for high school students focuses not only on activities that build academic and social and emotional skills but also on planning for the future – for college and careers. Check out some of the activities our high schoolers are up to this spring.

Exploring Careers 
Our Westbury students have spent the past few weeks researching career paths and thinking about their futures. They want to be pharmacists, web developers, pilots, and more! Students worked with volunteer mentors to learn about the jobs that interest them, researching the different educational requirements, work environments, and responsibilities of each. Students then made their own career posters, showcasing the knowledge they acquired and their creativity.
Speaking with Community Professionals 
Our Lee students recently benefited from a visit with Dr. Singh, a dentist here in Houston. Many PAIR students are interested in the medical field, and they were grateful for her informative presentation about her profession, studying medicine, and the importance of pursuing a career with passion. Career speakers are always a hit with students, and we welcome presenters in a variety of careers.
Touring a College 
Each year, PAIR students at both Westbury and Lee visit
a college campus. This year’s visit brought them to the University of Houston for a special tour. They learned about admissions, different program offerings, and the college environment. Our students loved the tour, and the sun came out right in time for a picnic!
Through all of these activities and more, PAIR students have opportunities to explore career options, discover possibilities for further education and training, and get ready to graduate high school prepared for the next steps toward a productive and satisfying future.
If you cannot attend the luncheon, please support Global Leaders and all of PAIR’s programs with a gift to the Annual Fund.

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