UIL District 22-4A Academic Meet Winners

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Liberty High School Principal Rivas, Mr. John Klein (UIL Coordinator), the faculty, and students at Liberty HS!

Liberty High School is the sweepstakes champion of the 2016 district academic meet! They finished 100 points ahead of their closest competition.

Friday at Westbury -- UIL District Meet

The UIL District 22-4A academic meet was held this past weekend (Friday, April 1 & Saturday, April 2).  There are ten schools in our UIL district, 8 of them in HISD. A total of 29 Liberty students competed in 21 different academic events.

Here are the results by event:


1st Place – Haitham Omar

2nd Place – Maria Nerio

3rd Place – Tabita Badibanga

4th Place – Hileymi Jimenez

*First Place Team*

Calculator Applications

1st Place – Tuyen Huynh

2nd Place – Yongjie LI

6th Place – Tabita Badibanga

7th Place – Priscilla Asiedu

*First Place Team*

Current Issues & Events

4th Place – Momin Panhwar

6th Place – Juan Tumax

*Second Place Team*

Computer Applications

1st Place – Priscilla Asiedu

2nd Place – Tabita Badibanga

3rd Place – Hileymi Jimenez

Computer Science

1st Place – Abdi Getahun

2nd Place – Tabita Badibanga

3rd Place – Maria Nerio

4th Place – Clementine Mukayuhi

*First Place Team*

Feature Writing

1st Place – Rolando Soloman

2nd Place – Yony Reyes

3rd Place – Eskinder Kebede

4th Place – Alvin Garcia

Headline Writing

1st Place – Rolando Soloman

Informative Extemporaneous Speaking

1st Place – Momin Panhwar

4th Place – Jose Benavides

5th Place – Tania Gallardo


*Journalism – 1st Place Team*

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

4th Place – Elvis Martinez


Literary Criticism

5th Place – Tuyen Huynh

6th Place – Haitham Omar

*Second Place Team*


4th Place – Tabita Badibanga

5th Place – Tuyen Huynh

6th Place – Yongjie Li

*Second Place Team*

Number Sense

5th Place – Tuyen Huynh

6th Place – Yongjie Li

News Writing

1st Place – Priscilla Asiedu

2nd Place – Rolando Soloman

3rd Place – Vivian Paredes

Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking

2nd Place – Elvis Martinez

Poetry Interpretation

6th Place – Makagbeh Jabateh

7th Place – Josue Sanchez

Prose Interpretation

3rd Place – Danny Gutierrez

4th Place – Iliana Larios

6th Place – Juan Urbina

Ready Writing

4th Place – Priscilla Asiedu

5th Place – Momin Panhwar

6th Place – Rolando Soloman


1st Place – Clementine Mukayuhi

2nd Place – Armando Paredes

3rd Place – Abdi Getahun

4th Place – Yongjie Li

5th Place – Tabita Badibanga

6th Place – Roger Hernandez

Biology Top Scorer – Armando Paredes

Chemistry Top Scorer – Clementine Mukayuhi Physics Top Scorer – Clementine Mukayuhi *First Place Team*

Social Studies

5th Place – Momin Panhwar

*Second Place Team* (Momin Panhwar, Jose Benavides, Haitham Omar, Elvis Martinez)

Spelling & Vocabulary

*Second Place Team* (Josue Sanchez, Maria Puac, Maria Nerio, Antonio Lucas)

When given the chance to shine; provided with excellent support, motivated by intrinsic rewards, and challenged with high expectations our ELLs can prove that they cannot just compete against “mainstream” students, but even beat them where it really counts – academics. -Mario Ibao, Multilingual Programs Secondary Specialist

Seventeen of the students qualified to compete at the UIL Region 3 – 4A Academic Meet to be held at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville on April 22 & 23.

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