Sam Houston MSTC students visit UTSA

IMG_0852.JPGAfter a three-hour drive to San Antonio, 39 students from Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology Center arrived to the well-known Roadrunner Nation, the UTSA.

The group of young English Language Learners (ELLs) had the occasion to explore the University life, understand the application process and discover new financial aid opportunities for them to enroll in a Tier One research institution with nearly 29,000 students; the largest university in the San Antonio metropolitan region.

IMG_0855.JPGThe event programmed by the Multilingual Programs Department and College Readiness is committed to have a proactive approach with all district ELL, Immigrant, Refugee and Migrant students, so they can successfully graduate from high school, have higher education access and be prepared to attend the post-secondary option of their choice. This is why the 22 seniors and 17 juniors who attended UTSA where more than happy to get to know an academic community that enriches their current knowledge, encourages an environment of dialogue and discovery and, most importantly, prepares a future that will help them transform their world.

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