Wisdom HS Welcomes 148 Newcomer Students From Different Parts of the World!

wisdom-hs-1There is no doubt that adjusting to a new school can sometimes be overwhelming for students. But, imagine if it wasn’t only the campus that is different but also the culture, the country and even the language! These obstacles could discourage even the most willing learner if it wasn’t for the support and understanding of family, teachers and the academic community. Knowing this has inspired Houston Independent School District to work every day for those Newcomer students that have come with one goal in mind: success.

That is why the Multilingual Programs Department through its Newcomer Division and Wisdom High School came together, once again on October 4th, to hold the Newcomer Orientation session where 148 students benefited.

The morning and afternoon sessions organized by Rosa, Shirin, Neneh, and Wagma from the Newcomer Outreach Team, motivated 118 Spanish speaking students and 30 more speakers of Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Nepali, Swahili, Mandarin, Amharic, and French to participate actively in all the activities.

All of them received detailed information from the staff and administrators at Wisdom HS, including Mrs. Akala, Mr. Reed, Nurse Thompson, Ms. Martin, Ms. Pena, Ms. Rhodes, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. Moran, Officer Watson, Officer Nino and staff members from CIS and PAIR.

What a great way to say Welcome and assists immigrant students adapt to their new country, language and school!





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