Anthony Bourdain found in Wisdom HS a diverse array of cultures

It wasn’t until chef, bestselling author, and television host Anthony Bourdain arrived to Wisdom High School, where more than 40 languages are spoken and the student body comes from nearly all continents, that you really got the chance to grasp the amazing cultural differences that make Houston a perfectly diverse city.

During his Houston episode of Parts Unknown aired on Sunday night, October 30, Bourdain surprised viewers with a visit to an ESL classroom. “This is the best of America,” he said after witnessing students from various countries practicing greetings and introductions.

It’s a scene you wouldn’t identify with Houston’s prime cuisine, but which Bourdian skillfully highlighted while he explored more about Wisdom HS, even in the cafeteria.

In the lunchroom, he talked with newcomer students from Burkina Faso, Iraq, and El Salvador while enjoying chocolate milk and a sandwich.


A site that evidences, in a table for six, the amazing cultural differences that make Houston and Wisdom High School a welcoming place for all and which, in fact, as Bourdain said “Is about as multicultural a city as exists in the country. Houston has been, from what I experienced, particularly if not more welcoming to immigrants and refugees from all over the world than most other cities I know”.

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