DeAnda Elementary collaborates with DeZavala Elelementary regarding Dual Language program

We want to give a shout out to DeAnda Elementary School who had DeZavala teachers shadow them for a full literacy and math block to observe effective practices in their Dual Language program.

principal-erwin-garcia-velasquezDeAnda’s principal, Erwin Garcia, strongly believes that team work is the best practice to insure success. “Collaboration is the number one element that allows teachers to plan, troubleshoot, and ultimately deliver lessons with excellence.  Therefore, we open our doors to any school that needs our support,” he said.

Teachers from both schools shared resources as well as best practices. The interaction between the two schools, compliments Mr. Garcia’s vision for DeAnda Elementary to become an A+ school and one of the best dual language campuses in HISD. “Students deserve quality education that will prepare them to succeed in the 21st century. Excellence, collaboration and leadership are essential in fostering an environment of success.”

At this Pre-Kinder to 5th grade dual language public school, teachers are extremely dedicated to make everyone thrive. Sandra Fonseca-Muñoz, teacher specialist, at DeAnda states that “teachers come to work with this goal in mind every day.” A key ingredient to raise lifelong learners and children of a multilingual background.

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