HISD High School students visit Sam Houston State University


After driving almost 70 miles from the Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center in Houston, 18 students arrived to the nationally-recognized Sam Houston State University to participate in Saturdays@Sam, a program for prospective students, families, and friends.

The group of young scholars, the majority from Wisdom High School,  had the occasion to explore the University life, tour the campus, browse student organization booths, and visit programs in the College of BusinessCollege of Criminal Justice and College of Health Sciences.

The event, organized by the Migrant Division and Newcomer Division of Multilingual Programs department and with the collaboration of College Readiness, allowed students to interact with the professors who provided an overview of what to expect in the classrooms and in the majors.


Magda Galindo, manager of the Migrant division, believes in the exposure of this type of activities to students. “They need to be able to see themselves there, achieving, empowering themselves, seeing that they belong. We want to encourage and show them that they are capable of this and more,” she explains.

Perhaps, that is what students needed because during and after the visit, two participants were considering attending the university. “Others, were enlightened by it and have completed the application process. It really helped them to see themselves in that university,” comments Josie Trevino, manager of College Readiness.

Maria Ramirez, a former Wisdom High School student and current English major at Sam Houston, decided that her best way to give back was to talk to her peers and inspire them to follow the same path. “If I did it, you can do it too!,” she kept on saying to them.

Students from other countries, for example Ethiopia, had never visited a university and with this session they were given that opportunity. “Being able to explore their minds and seeing them in an environment of dialogue and discovery is our commitment, so they can successfully graduate from high school, have higher education access and be prepared to attend the post-secondary option of their choice,” concluded Ms. Galindo.



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