Engage in deeper conversations with students

Can you believe we are already in mid January? “How can that be? -you might say to yourself- I have sooooo much left to teach.” So what’s next? Well, by this time of year students have already familiarized with their peers’ interests, talents, hobbies and even family background. They’ve learned how to work in small or big groups, grasped the classroom work environment and understood your method of teaching. This is the perfect time to engage in more profound conversations with them, making connections and emphasis on what has been taught before with more challenging activities:

-Love read alouds?  Stimulate your students with ambitious book stories, then encourage them to listen actively and respond thoughtfully to others. (Questioning and inferring)
Here is a list of books to devour for Elementary, Middle and High schools

-Create a story! Collaboration and peer work to another level. “What if they still aren’t smooth or fluent writers?” Record them!  Then try using sticky notes to keep track of the story line and voilà, there’s your written story.


-Debate! Engage them to speak out their opinion. Make sure to advise them to say things that “connect to the question, topic, a peers response or a personal experience to get the point across.”

By: Catalina Caicedo Garzon


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