Success at Migrant Parent Meeting

More than 30 families attended the Parent Meeting held at Sam Houston High School, on Wednesday, January 18th.

img_3197The reunion, scheduled by the Migrant Division from the Multilingual Programs Department, provided parents and students with information on what the Migrant Education Program is all about, how to determine eligibility, migrant enrollment, funding and supplemental services available.

Participants, also had the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of a variety of options for education beyond high school, thanks to the support of Cafécollege.


Ramiro Fonseca, Community Engagement manager of this organization, explained career awareness and preparation, college access, financial aid and college success.

In the same way, Josie Trevino manager of HISD College Readiness, presented the following topics: college options, PSAT/SAT, money for college, types of financial aid, resources for undocumented students and what parents can do to prepare their children for college.img_3205

To close the session, school uniform vouchers were distributed to a total of 84 migrant students.

Families thanked organizers and manifested that now they had a clearer view of what steps to follow towards that ‘road to college’.

By: Catalina Caicedo Garzón


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