Muffins with Moms at Martínez elementary


Clemente Martínez Elementary School hosted a tasty “Muffins with Moms” parent meeting where 80 moms were treated to this delicious pastry and coffee, as they experienced being in the student’s seat.

Principal, Daniel Hernandez, and Teacher Specialist, Martina DeAvila, ensured that parents of Dual Language (DL) students had the opportunity to partake in a current DL instructional lesson, as well as, provided strategies to help them support their children’s academic and linguistic development and growth.

The reunion also made emphasis on the importance of parental involvement along with transparency in communication between parents and the school. “They are essential components for the success of students enrolled in the DL bilingual program,” said Multilingual Specialist, Gina Lerma-Avila, after the meeting.

To close the session, participants received good news: they all scored an ‘A+’ after the instructional lesson.

By: Catalina Caicedo Garzón

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