Adding language focus to math lessons


Erika Avie, Math AP; Dr. Rhonda Johnson, SSO; Rosa Cruz-Gaona, Principal; and Gina Colion-Hernandez, Inst. Spec.

Last Tuesday 24th, Clifton Middle School hosted the ESL in Math Workshop, provided by the Newcomer division of Multilingual Programs, where math teachers and administrators examined a variety of scaffolds to promote linguistic and academic development of English Language Learners.

The all day workshop facilitated by AP Ms. Erika Avie and Lia Oprea and Vickie Tucker, Multilingual Specialists of Newcomer division, provided teachers with select activities to fit teacher’s current content classroom lessons.

Using sentence stems, post-its, posters and colored paper, “they brained-stormed ways to help students be more successful on upcoming benchmarks, including essays, to justify solutions on several problems,” recalled Mrs. Tucker.

Dr. Rhonda Johnson, School Support Officer, also participated. Her mission is to have all her schools use language scaffolds, especially sentence frames and sentence starters. “I want to see support on the wall and want to see students use the support in structured conversations and writing,” she emphasized.

Clifton Middle School has experienced a great number of new immigrants and is making efforts to meet their new student’s needs.

Dr. Johnson, a great proponent and supporter of principal Rosa Cruz-Gaona and her work to serve the LEP students, was pleased to see that the “campus is on the move” every day.

Today, teachers will be implementing the strategies examined and will then share their evidence on Monday 30th, the next scheduled math team PLC, where a QTEL Walkthrough protocol will be used to evaluate lessons.

By: Catalina Caicedo Garzón

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