Multilingual Programs to be featured in Romanian Documentary


Cristina Cileacu, Digi24 producer and Lia Oprea, Multilingual Program Specialist of the Newcomer Division

Today, the Multilingual Programs Department was visited by the Romanian news channel Digi24.

Cristina Cileacu, producer for Digi24, is currently filming with camarographer, Dragomir Bogdan, a documentary about how the refugees are being received in the United States.

Multilingual Programs Specialist, Lia Oprea, explained the refugee programming in HISD, the achievements and an overall view of the student population.

The Digi24 crew has traveled the country to see different cases and examples. “In Houston we visited Las Americas and discovered that the kids look happy and are getting along with others. They seem to be learning a lot. I guess they will learn English quickly. This is definitely a good example,” mentioned producer Cileacu.

According the journalist, the documentary will be broadcasted in March.

By: Catalina Caicedo Garzón


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