Touchdown Resources for the ELL classroom


Believe it or not, the Super Bowl provides a wonderful opportunity to help ELLs learn a language.

Here are some Super Bowl-related classroom resources and activities to bring a winning attitude to your classroom.

  1. Audio dialogue and transcript from talks about Super Bowl Sunday as “America’s secret holiday” and can be supplemented with a series of printable activities.
  2. ESL Football Lesson is from EL Civics.
  3. Football Measurements: For students learning measurements, this is a great chance to practice. For example, a first down is ten yards. The football field is 100 yards (plus the end zones). An easy field goal might be 20-30 yards. A hard field goal is 50 yards. Have students practice converting these numbers into feet or even into meters.
  4. Super Bowl Media Interview Activity: The Super Bowl is one of the world’s biggest media events, which makes it a perfect opportunity to teach kids about interviewing skills. Introduce students to the basics – what types of questions to ask (or not ask). Then have students research the quarterbacks, the coaches, the halftime entertainment (Lady Gaga) or other people involved in the game and have students write up a fictional interview in which they ask one of these people questions. They should include answers that are as accurate as possible based on their research. This can also serve as a good football themed reading activity.
  5. Widely known for its imaginative and outrageous commercials, challenge students to think of their own creative commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. Students must write a 30-second commercial with a partner. Have students start with a graphic organizer to get their ideas out, then have them write their first draft, and final copy.




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