A great example of Dual Language strategies at Farias Early Childhood Center

Teachers across HISD, like Ms. Moreno from Farias Early Childhood Center are bringing to life the research based Dual Language strategies through the Early Childhood Guidelines.

Take a closer look a this video where students are introduced to the idea of “language interaction” as key for developing oral language.

Xochitl Lege, Multilingual Programs Specialist, explains that this activity promotes integration of literacy across content areas. “The video is a clear evidence of the Dual Language Program’s success. Through this exercise, we ensure the acquisition of student’s second language while also making sure they learn their academics.”

Teachers are capitalizing on and developing their students linguistic and cultural resources! “As we work to develop bi-literate students, -explains Mrs. Lege- our goal is to integrate a holistic approach to promote bilingualism, which embraces fluency in both languages via hands on activities and experiences that allow students to interact with each other in real life situations.”

Farias ECC students are well on their way of becoming bilingual, biliterate, bicultural and high achieving students!

Kudos to Ms. Moreno and her class!





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