Excellent attendance at the MOY LPAC Assessment Decision Making trainings

img_7956In its final training phase for the Middle of the Year LPAC Decision Making Training, the Compliance division has completed 9 of their 11 scheduled sessions and two of three additional Open Labs with a successful outcome. “We have almost reached the 100% of school LPAC Administrators trained, we are missing about 20 members who will attend on Monday morning and afternoon sessions,” mentioned Dr. Randal Jones, Multilingual Programs Specialist of the Compliance Division.

Every year, campuses go through this training process in order to make good decisions while monitoring the progress of English Language Learners (ELLs). The manager of the Compliance Division, Patricia Sanchez, explained that schools also gain a deeper understanding of the legal requirements for the LPAC committees during state assessments, “participants have learned about key factors that affect ELLs as they attain language proficiency in English, they’ve also reviewed the designated supports (linguistic accommodations) that are available to ELLs in an effort to decrease the language barriers they experience when learning English.”

During these sessions, participants’ questions were addressed in a systematical way, but since there were still some doubts by campus representatives, the Compliance Division began the Open Labs. “The initiative of these additional sessions is to clarify concerns and to allow LPAC administrators to ask more questions and present their concerns in order to ensure that the language-support needs of ELLs are addressed during the decision-making phase preceding state assessments,” stated Multilingual Programs Specialist, Cruz Rochez.  So far, the compliance division has conducted two open labs and the last one will be on the 22nd. School staff members that want to attend do not need to register for the Open Labs.

After the administrators have taken these sessions, they will have access to the pre-populated student STAAR Participation and Designated Supports forms.

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