Long Academy hosts Saturday Newcomer Parent Meeting

Jane Long Academy hosted a Saturday Newcomer Parent Orientation Session, on Feb. 25th, to show parents and guardians the importance of playing an active role in their children’s lives.

jane-long2The outreach team of the Newcomer division discussed with participants: attendance, school procedures, ELL related assessments, ESL services and introduced partner organizations Amaanah, PAIR, Optivision and Catholic Charities who shared information about their services and how families can benefit.

After the orientation, Newcomer outreach worker Wagma Isaqzoy mentioned its excellent outcome and thanked “the wonderful team of teachers and administrators, including Mr. Martinez, Ms. Trevino and Ms. Vasquez, who continue to reach out to parents and encourage them to participate continuously with their children. A special thank you to Abdul Kadir Muhammad, our Academic Tutor, who translated the parent invitation letters into Arabic, Somali and Swahili and we also thank Ariadne Paredes from the Secondary division of Multilingual Programs who was with us throughout the session and helped translate to Spanish for the families.”

jane-long1It was definitely a multicultural orientation, as there were Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Urdu, Vietnamese, Farsi and Bengali speakers, all of which were provided with interpretation services.

Dr. Virginia Elizondo, manager of the Newcomer division, highlighted the importance of having these meetings with parents and guardians regularly. “As educators, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to help parents understand the U.S. educational system and how they can best help their child succeed. Sometimes, the understanding of this support differs from country to country, so this is a great way to communicate expectations and offer clarification on attendance, grading, homework, graduation requirements, etc.”

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