Migrant students and English Language Learners Explore the University of Texas at Austin

westside high Explore UTNot even the rain diminished the excitement of 42 students from participating, this past Saturday, in the annual event of the University of Texas at Austin called Explore UT. “When we arrived, students and parents were in awe by the monuments, the buildings and the size of the school,” mentions multilingual programs specialist Luisa Parra.

In the field trip, from the College Tours cycle and organized by the Migrant division of Multilingual Programs, the migrant and English Language Learners from Westside High School enjoyed performances, tours, displays, lectures and hands-on learning that highlighted nearly every academic discipline.

Explore UT informs students, parents, teachers and the community about the importance of the public research institution and higher education in Texas. “We wanted to encourage participants to see with a new perspective different fields of knowledge through research experiences and hands-on demonstrations,” explains Parra. “For instance, students enjoyed Fun with Chemistry where Dr. Kate Biberdorf highlighted through experiments the properties of the three states of matter and the four elements of nature.”

By the end of the daylong event, participating students and parents did not want to leave, “they wanted to explore and learn more and this is phenomenal because that means that the excitement for college ‘seed’ was successfully planted in them!” emphasizes Parra.

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