HISD is awarded recognition for best Dual Language program in the nation

The Association of Two-Way and Dual Language Education (ATDLE) announced Houston ISD as the recipient of the 2017 District of Distinction award for its Dual Language program. “This national award is presented to schools and districts that have been trailblazers in establishing powerful school programs that ensure the opportunity of bilingualism and biliteracy for their students. The Dual Language programs started in HISD over twenty years ago and recognition for HISD’s commitment to this work is long overdue,” said Rosa Molina executive director of ATDLE.

The national award will be presented during 25th Annual Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference in Palm Springs, CA, June 27, 2017.

Molina highlighted HISD’s commitment to Dual Language education and celebrated the District’s efforts in promoting bilingualism and biliteracy. “HISD’s footprint in this work has had a tremendous impact in Texas schools and districts in and outside of HISD.  We are very proud to honor this work!”

Currently, HISD leads the state of Texas with 62 programs and well-developed policies for bilingualism and biliteracy that consist of not only Spanish Two-Way and One-Way Dual Language, but include the Mandarin, Arabic and French immersion programs as well.

Assistant Superintendent for Multilingual Programs Dr. Altagracia “Gracie” Guerrero thanked the association and emphasized the continuous commitment of “aligning and strengthening existing Dual Language programs so that the number of students graduating with a seal of biliteracy increases each year.”

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