“HISD is a Forward Thinking, Innovative District”

“The Association of Two-Way & Dual Language Education (ATDLE) is proud to recognize Houston Independent School District for their on-going commitment to bilingualism and biliteracy in the implementation of Dual Language programs in sixty-two Dual Language schools throughout its district.” With those opening remarks Kevin Chavez, Chairperson for ATDLE introduced this year’s winner of the District of Distinction Award.

This award, presented at the Palm Springs Convention Center in California, recognizes Houston ISD’s efforts to ensure student success in two or more languages. “It is clear that students in the Dual Language programs in HISD are flourishing both academically and linguistically,” said Chavez.

“Houston ISD is a forward thinking, innovative district that is on the move,” he said. “ATDLE wishes to recognize their past and present commitment to creating successful Two-Way  Dual Language Immersion programs in their district! ¡Adelante, HISD!”

1200 educators and leaders from 19 states clapped in unison while board President Chavez introduced Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Altagracia “Gracie” Guerrero to accept the award on behalf of the Houston ISD Board of Trustees, superintendent of schools Mr. Richard Carranza, and Dr. Grenita Lathan Chief Academic Officer.

Dr. Guerrero thanked the association and emphasized that “in Houston ISD, we are blessed to have leadership who believes in equity and acts to uphold it,” she mentioned.

“The systems and support for our dual language program work only because of our community’s interest and advocacy, the persistence of our principals, our teachers’ hard work, and most importantly–our students who are thriving in the learning environments that have been set up to uphold biliteracy, bilingualism, and cross-culturalism.”

“We are most appreciative of the support that ATDLE has and continues to provide. Thank you,” Dr. Guerrero said.

This way ATDLE officially awarded Houston ISD as the District of Distinction.

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