Successful Dual Language Meet & Greet

The Multilingual department had a full house yesterday during the Dual Language Administrator Meet & Greet Lunch. 21 campuses participated in the event organized to create a sense of Dual Language community.

Principals, assistant principals, dual language coordinators, teacher development specialist from the Curriculum department and multilingual specialists were able to meet, collaborate and discuss ideas, concerns, and expectations for the upcoming school year.

Priscilla Chavera, program specialist for the Multilingual department manifested that “it was great to able to see what the campuses are lacking needing and what feedback they had in order for us to address it and look at it closely.”

For that purpose, specific activities were developed during the two-hour event. Nubia Parsons, program specialist in Multilingual explained the activity: “We used a graffiti wall were we wrote down questions such as: ‘What dual language professional development do you or your teachers need?’, ‘What is still a challenge in the dual language program?’, ‘What worked well in the dual language program?’. During that process, we used sentence stems because we wanted to model that strategy,” she mentioned.

Another activity was the ‘Musical Shares’ where they would walk around while music was playing and when it stoped, participants had to answer to the person they encountered one of the eight questiones displayed. “For example, -said Parsons- the question ‘My favorite teacher was…’ I remember talking about it with Principal David Jackson from Gregg Elementary. He mentioned that it was a teacher that would go to his house because he suffered from asthma and would be homebound a lot, and she would make sure to explain his homework and then collect it the next day. He mentioned that at that time he didn’t enjoy it, but now he knows that that was the best time for him, and she actually inspired him.”

The overall outcome of this gathering was in their words “successful, and very positive because they all got to meet their TDS, network, mingle, share ideas and collaborate.”

Shout out to participating campuses: Scarborough, Durham, Herrera, Patterson, Law, Mading, Love, Ed. White, Dogan, Wharton, Twain, Billy Reagan K-8, Memorial, Deanda, Farias ECC, Roosevelt, Burnet, Gregg, Pugh, Mandarin Immersion and Jr. Harris.

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