Over a thousand ESL, bilingual and dual language educators attend first day of #JobAlike17

Over a thousand ESL, bilingual and dual language educators gathered on August 16 at The Kingdom Builders’ Center to attend the first day of Job Alike, a training that provides teachers with content-specific strategies, best practices, research-based instruction and classroom resources.

“There is no doubt that our almost 70,000 English Language Learners (ELLs), including more than 13,000 immigrant students and a refugee population of almost 2,000, will continue to attain excellent academic and linguistic gains due to a continuous combined effort that you, as a Bilingual and/or ESL teacher, have committed to put forth every day,” said Dr. Altagracia ‘Gracie’ Guerrero, assistant superintendent of Multilingual Programs, in her welcome message.

This year, Multilingual’s Job Alike seeks to provide focused and strategic training during two days. On day one, 143 campuses had the opportunity to attend a diverse array of sessions ranging from integrating second language methods, incorporating vocabulary development strategies, facilitating reading and writing across the curriculum to sheltering instruction via the content areas.

Another 146 campuses will be able to attend on the second and final day of Multilingual’s Job Alike on August 23rd. 

“This is a great opportunity to strengthen your knowledge about best practices in ELL research-based instruction and language program goals.  Please take the time to network and form support systems because we cannot do it alone. Let’s support one another and keep expanding our horizons!” said Dr. Guerrero.


See pictures of the event:


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