Great Attendance at Revere’s Open House

Last Wednesday parents and students ejoyed the Open House at Paul Revere Middle School.  For two hours, families had the opportunity to get an overview of the teaching curriculum, classroom expectations for academics and behavior,  answer their questions and get to know organizations that continuously support students in school, such as Pair Houston and Amanaa Refugee services.

Principal Crisitan de la Riva welcomed students and invited them to “take advantage of all of the opportunities” that Revere offers. He encouraged new and returning Patriots to “become involved in at least one of the many different activities that are available.  Whether you are an engineer, artist, athlete, or avid video game fan, we have programs available on campus to support and develop your hobbies,” he mentioned.

Parents were also encouraged by the principal to “become as involved in your child’s middle school experience as you were in elementary.  Join the PTO to be a part of the driving force behind our campus.  Check our website for important information about happenings on campus and attend the monthly Parent Meetings to stay abreast of important topics in the life of a middle school student,” he emphasized.


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