Explore two strategies of language transfer, Tomorrow Oct. 3!

Tomorrow at Kennedy Elementary – Course 68004.


Utilizing Preview-View-Review and Cross-Linguistic Connections

Preview: The preview is an introduction to the unit. It is done in the opposite language of the lesson. 

  • Look at the unit you will teach
  • Look at the standards for the content area
  • Select key concepts and/or academic vocabulary
    • Decide what vocabulary you will introduce for the unit
    • How will you integrate all the standards?
  • Select what books you will read and other available resources you will use
  • How will your anchor chart look?

During the preview, you may read the book, show pictures, real objects and create the anchor chart

View: Use the anchor chart immediately to introduce the vocabulary you will talk about in the lesson.

When you are planning make sure to plan different lessons for both the Preview and the View. (It is not about translating but having two different lessons)

Review: Use the anchor chart to review vocabulary words, use other activities so students are engaged and you are able to check for conceptual understanding

Display work products and/or anchor charts for future reference


Cross-linguistic Connections

While planning for the lesson and the Preview process, think of vocabulary that will be cognates so students can relate whether their language is Spanish or English

Choose language features to analyze, so students have the opportunity to see the similarities between the two languages.

Engage students in the contrastive analysis.

Record similarities and differences in the anchor chart (used during the Preview-View-Review) using appropriate color coding.

Review with the students the vocabulary so they can make the connections with the words in both languages.


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