Multilingual is presenting at #ALASHouston

Today the Secondary division from Multilingual Programs presented at the national ALAS conference.

Program specialists prepared sessions on Building Cultural Capacity and Unleashing the Power of Technology in the classroom.

In the first session, presenters Ariadne Paredes and Kimberly Nelson discussed key strategies and methodologies that relate to both technology integration and the 21st-century skills. Participants were shown tools like NewsELA, Kahoot, Padlet, among others, that explained help transform every classroom into student-centered environments where students are motivated to engage in rigorous listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

During Building Cultural Capacity, the audience was able to reflect upon their own experiences regarding culture, and also analyzed their campus-wide strengths and challenges.

Presenters Lauren Ward and Nereyda Briones introduced participants to a series of actionable areas to implement, discussed how to identify what needs to change and how to approach it in order to create a safe accepting workspace for faculty and students.

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