415 Sharpstown Students Participate in Senior Year Activities

Last Wednesday, Sharpstown High School hosted Senior Rotation, a four-hour event, for the Class of 2018, that provided students with important information regarding the GPA, extracurricular involvement, leadership, application essays, and first-generation college student scholarships.

415 students actively participated in the four activities of College Applications and Financial Aid, Senior Meeting, GPA and Endorsements, and Civic Engagement.

The groups were led by College Readiness manager Josie Trevino, class officers and sponsors, Sharpstown Democrats, Mi Familia Vota, campus staff, and EMERGE.

Multilingual outreach worker, Rosa Decou, assisted students with starting their financial aid application process and online college applications. “Students were very excited to be participating in ‘senior year’ activities,” she said.

“Sharpstown High School, Multilingual Programs, and College Readiness are here to support, strengthen and empower them to have a successful senior year,” Mrs. Decou added.

These activities connect students to institutions that will offer them the least financial burden and the greatest support.


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