26 Campuses Attend Dual Language Resources Professional Development

A well-attended professional development day for dual language teachers was hosted this past Saturday at Dogan Elementary School.

The event organized by Multilingual Programs and its Dual Language division gathered nearly 80 educators from 26 campuses to get tips and ideas on how to use the different resources provided to them every year.

“The main purpose is for teachers to get acquainted with all the instructional resources they receive from the department,” said Xochitl Lege Dual Language Manager. “Every year we invite all the current vendors to go over the features each didactic material or online platform has, so our teachers can apply these tools successfully in the classroom.”

During the day, participants had the opportunity to receive “instructional best practices from Learning A-Z, National Geographic, Teacher Created Materials, Social Studies Weekly, Raz Plus and Benchmark Education,” mentioned Nubia Parsons, Program Specialist. “Teachers were able to choose between four sessions that were repeated throughout the day”.

Sessions included:

  • Spanish and English K-1 Leveled nonfiction and fiction books that develop literacy, language, and content knowledge in science, math, and social studies.
  • Genre texts in Spanish that help Grade 3 students meet language arts standards by improving comprehension of diverse genres, teach students to analyze and respond to text, and expand students’ ability to write in Spanish.  Attendees also explored how Reader’s Theater multi-leveled scripts enable mixed-ability students to learn together.
  • Hands-on activities while learning ‘nuts and bolts’ of Reader’s Workshop and how to embed it into Guided Reading.
  • New features and an overview of PK-1 resources for foundational skills using Learning A-Z. Participants learned how to customize student rosters and help students become more fluent independent readers.
  • How to use Social Studies Weekly during the literacy block with easy, engaging lessons, 3-D graphic organizers and the latest 2.0 technology for student publishing. 

The six-hour training, highly recommended for new dual language teachers, also welcomed the active participation of the Assistant Principal of McNamara Elementary, Martha Torres, and of the Teacher Specialist Gustavo Gallarda from Cage Elementary.

“There was a lot of collaboration, networking, and sharing of ideas among all participants,” commented Program Specialist Priscilla Chavera. “It is great that they were able to get an insight on how to use the resources they are receiving and learn more so they can differentiate the instruction that is needed for their kids.”

Evelyn Martinez, Program Specialist, also recalls that many teachers were very thankful for the opportunity. “We received many thanks! Now they know how to use these resources because for many it was really an eye-opener.”

For those who missed this opportunity, on January 20th the department is organizing another event at Dogan.

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