Wisdom HS hosts newcomer orientation for 82 ELLs

Adjusting to a new school might be overwhelming for anyone. However, imagine if it wasn’t only the campus that is different but also the culture, the country, and even the language!  This could discourage even the most willing learner if it wasn’t for the continuous support and understanding of family, teachers and the academic community.

That is why the Multilingual Programs Department through its Immigrant Division and Wisdom High School hosted two Newcomer Orientation sessions for over 80 English Language Learners.

Immigrant students had the opportunity to use personal translation devices. “We had 11 different language interpreters during the two days,” mentioned Multilingual outreach worker Wagma Isaqzoy.

Students learned about attendance, safety, security, health, graduation requirements and the US school structure.

Josie Trevino, manager for College Readiness reviews with the students the Personal Graduation Plan booklet and answered questions regarding courses, endorsements, and electives.

“In these two sessions -said Wagma- we had students that have been in the country just one month and others up to a year, so to be able to provide them with guidance and assistance during this time is greatly appreciated by them.”

That is exactly what Abner, 16, said in Spanish after the two-hour session. “I came from Guatemala a month ago and I really like all the examples and explanation. It makes me think that I have to respect and value everything. I like it here,” he said.

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