Teachers attend workshop to address the needs of students affected by conflict and trauma

The Multilingual department offered a workshop organized by Be the Peace be the Hope where teachers learned best practices to help students overcome trauma, regain a sense of work, build a positive identity and project themselves towards a more positive future.

During two hours, teachers participated in the social and emotional program as if they were students.

Karine Parker, founder and executive director for the organization introduced educators and administrators to the different activities and strategies they are able to use in the classroom. “This workshop helps teachers address their students’ needs and increases their academic studies. We are creating better connections with their teachers and their peers”.

This leadership program will have 200 Wisdom students participating throughout the month of December. “It was a great opportunity for all to be able to empower our students and make them feel included, create a positive culture in their classrooms and in their community,” said Outreach woker for the Multilingual Immigrant division Wagma Isaqzoy.

“In the next sessions, -said Parker- we will be working with different schools across Houston and we will host a public event where participants are encouraged to send messages of peace and hope to children across the globe”.


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