Students participate in Youth Conference

Students from Wisdom High School attended the annual Link Up Grater Houston conference, where more than 600 middle school and high school students from across the Houston-area participate each year.

The conference promotes positive experiences, attitudes and choices students should make in order to have a successful future. All based on the 40 Developmental Assets identified by the Search Institute.

The Multilingual Department, through its Immigrant division and Outreach Workers accompanied Wisdom HS students in this process of realizing the importance voicing their concerns, building positive relationships and communication skills, and learning about tools that will help them meet their potential.

“This was a great conference where students were able to focus on leadership development, conflict resolution, goal setting and financial planning for college,” said Multilingual Outreach Worker Wagma Isaqzoy.

Students were addressed by inspirational speakers and later had the opportunity to engage in exciting performances, activities and interactive sessions. They also enjoyed 3 different workshops filled with specific tracks for middle and high school students.

Some of the sessions included ways in which music inspire young people to become agents for change; how to be competitive for college; the importance of cyber safety; learning how to recognize the early warning signs of mental illness; career exploration tips and tools; and more.




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