#MLinstitutes continue! Register for January 25th

Multilingual Department continues offering professional development through its monthly institutes! The upcoming date is January 25th at the Kingdom Builders’ Center.

Teachers and administrators have the opportunity to gain and strengthen their knowledge in the areas of ELL programming, ELPS-TELPAS Connections, English language literacy development and Sheltered instructional Strategies.

Participating educators may select between nine professional developments from three separate sessions.

Register via OneSource: 679001!


Campus Programming at all school levels for campus leadership.  In this session, school leaders and leadership teams will learn best practices and purposeful programming for ELLs.  They will use campus data to discuss, evaluate, and develop actionable items that directly relate to Goal #3 on the Campus Improvement Plan.

ELLevating Academic Vocabulary Instructions for ELLs:  Research-Based Strategies, in this session participants will explore the myths behind vocabulary development to focus on the research-based implementation of both direct and indirect vocabulary instruction.

Also, In Tune Your Engine before Taking It Full Throttle:  A Foundational Course in Second Language Acquisition, participants will build a foundation in how to address the linguistic needs of ELLs based on the work of Dr. Jim Cummins, Dr. Stephens Krashen, and other experts in the field of second language acquisition.

In It’s a Balancing Act: Strengthening Your Instruction for ELLs, teachers of elementary students, secondary students, and newcomer students will build a foundation of literacy instruction through balanced literacy methodologies, best practices, and sheltered instruction strategies.

In TELPAS PLDs:  Calibrating your Practice with a Language Focus, teachers will examine the TELPAS Proficiency Level Descriptors to help advance English Learner proficiency in the classroom throughout the year across subject areas.

Keep Calm and Tech On Unleashing the Power of Technology in the ELL Classroom,educators will learn how to put students’ technology obsession to work by adapting their teaching for the current generation of students.

Finally, in Connecting to Culture:  Closing the Culture Gap, participants will explore the stages of acculturation, complete a cultural behavior assessment survey, and learne about cultural synchronization in order to assist students with the socio-cultural issues that they experience upon entering U.S. schools.


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