‘La Posada’ an Engaging Dual Language Administrator Meeting

Last Thursday, 27 Dual Language administrators gathered to share some of the successful strategies implemented by campuses during the first semester and to collaborate, network and review new methodologies for the program.

Dr. Altagracia ‘Gracie’ Guerrero, Assistant Superintendent for Multilingual Programs welcomed participants, thank them for the great initiatives and strategies they have been implementing, and invited them to continue excelling.

“You are able to see that the extra challenges that we are taking in structured training and staff development should be taken in every classroom. We should have a structured plan for every teacher for staff development, we should have strategic coaching to close the loop between instruction and staff development. So, let’s do the hard work and produce kids who keep their second language or add a second language to give them a heads-up in their future as they become bilingual and biliterate.”

Campus Principals, Teacher Development Specialists and Dual Language coordinators took part in the two breakout sessions ‘The Biliteracy Paradigm Shift’ and ‘Biliteracy Trajectories’.

Xochitl Lege, Dual Language Manager said that since this month many of the campuses are teaching students about celebrations and traditions around the world, “it seemed fit to have a Posada as a theme for this gathering as well”. Posadas are a traditional way to celebrate the month of December in Mexico. “This festivity is a perfect time for families, and in our case educators, to come together,” she explained.

Later, participants shared their experience with different strategies. Mr. Flores from Mading Elementary provided great ideas to implement in the classroom in order to develop student’s oral skills called Convo Combo.

Ninfa Laurenzo presented storytelling projects to promote scholar’s comprehension and oral language progress.

Burnet Elementary and its Principal, Ana Cantu, gave administrators a great resource to target interventions for English and Spanish students.

Durham Elementary, through its Assistant Principal Nicole Planck, commented on the importance of building a powerful school community and how this strategy helps to bridge the culture gap between students and their parents.

David Jackson, Principal at Gregg Elementary expressed it was an “incredible event,” and highlighted three takeaways:

  1. We saw an awesome video were the presenter was using sentence stems showing us how students could help develop and create cognates.
  2. A powerful deep data dig that help target interventions for our English and Spanish learners.
  3. The opportunity for us to collaborate, to network and to take back all the thigs we learned and apply them to help our scholars.

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