Successful first migrant parent meeting

Sam Houston MSTC and Wisdom High School were the epicenters of the first migrant parent meeting organized by the Migrant Education Program from the Multilingual department.

Saturnino Hernandez, Parent Advisory Council president and father of a student who is part of the program and attends DeChaumes Elementary School, addressed the nearly 10 migrant families that participated.

“It is very important for us to become involved. This is a great privilege and we invite you to also take the leap and partake in this program,” he said while also encouraging participating parents to share the information.

Magda Galindo, MEP manager, highlighted the importance of parental involvement. “It is essential –she said–. When students see their parents actively engaged in school, they achieve more and are more motivated.”

The nearly 35 students and parents also received valuable information from community partners like CaféCollege, Houston Community College and United Against Human Trafficking.

Additionally, secondary students were able to receive free assistance with their college applications and guidance when completing their financial aid form by Ramiro Fonseca, Cafécollege representative.

Norma Sierra shared how HCC can help students pay for higher education and Kendra Baldazo from United Against Human Trafficking presented on raising awareness of this issue, exploitation, and how to develop healthy support systems.


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