Welch’s ELL Student Summit

Yesterday, 270 English Language Learners at Welch Middle School attended the inaugural ELL Student Summit. The event organized by Welch MS staff and the Multilingual Programs department informed students about the critical components of TELPAS/STAAR, Linguistic Accommodations and Exit Criteria, grades, attendance, and a motivational testimonial from two Wisdom HS seniors and former ELL students.

Deshonta Everett, Dean of Instruction at Welch, explained that this is a “perfect way to encourage students to take ownership of their learning goals. This builds up their courage and ensures that we motivate and help this subgroup become even more successful.”

Multilingual Program Specialists Vickie Tucker and Torrie Richardson instructed 6th, 7th an 8th graders on the TELPAS expectations and the main focus for these assessments.

ESL teacher, Stephanie Pelegrina, briefly explained scholars basic study habits and techniques to improve comprehension and concentration.

Counselor, Leslie Forte, promoted Advanced Placement courses and talked about the Gifted and Talented program and opportunities for ELL students. “I want to see you be proactive and successful.” She said to attendees. “I need you to come to school every day, work hard and get to AP. Advocate for yourself,” she insisted. At the end of her presentation, several students asked her what the next step was in order to have an AP placement.

For Mr. Everett, Assistant Principal, the success of this event “has been phenomenal. The kids are very receptive. We were able to show them the Exit Criteria and compare their tests scores. You could see from their expressions how they took in all the information and got involved by asking questions.”

The event provided participants with the right mentality to graduate and be successful when entering High School. This was also reinforced by two former ELL students and current JROTC Seniors from Wisdom High School.

Batallion Company Commander-Major, Yesica Pineda, and First Sergeant, Lilibeth Dominguez encouraged students on the importance of taking advantage of all the learning opportunities. “Listen to your teachers, do your best, enroll in different school activities and clubs and exceed expectations.”


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