ML Outreach Workers Participate in Refugee and Immigrant Open House

The Multilingual Outreach workers attended the Refugee and Immigrant Open House hosted by Las Americas Middle School: Serving the Needs of Unaccompanied Minors, Refugees and Immigrants from Around the World.

The campus’ social worker, Sarah Howell, discussed how to better serve students on a daily basis. The presenter showed participants the most recent changes and updates regarding refugees and immigrants laws and resources.

“The meeting was very informative,” said Neneh Koroma, Multilingual’s outreach worker, “She discussed the after school and in school programs on the campus such as PAIR Houston, BO’s Place. It’s great to see that the work we are developing, in my case at Revere Middle School, also provides students with similar resources such as guidance by PAIR and Amaanah organizations,” Ms. Koroma expressed.

In the event, outreach workers had the chance to interact with representatives from other organizations such as The Children’s Center, Children at Risk, and Immigrant Lawyers.



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