The First Three Days of School in 79 HISD Campuses

Multilingual Programs was out at campuses in full force assisting during the first three days of school.

Our Program Specialists, Outreach Workers, Academic Tutors, Managers, Senior Managers, and Assistant Superintendent assisted in 79 campuses from the East, North, Northwest, South, West and Achieve 180 areas.

Support was provided in all of the beginning of year procedures: Student registration, welcoming of parents, translation services, scheduling, organizing supplies, arrival, lunch, and dismissal duties were also supported by program specialists.

In addition, the Multilingual Programs team members reviewed LPAC documentation at some campuses to ensure the proper placement of English Learners. Some worked at multiple campuses reviewing YP guidelines and reviewing campus needs to determine a professional development plan for teachers.

At multiple campuses, the department team members administered the Oral Language Proficiency Test IPT and other specialists assisted by observing dual language classrooms and providing feedback.

At secondary campuses, in addition to the support mentioned before, Specialists assisted high schools with laptop and school shirt payments.


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